Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Here is a fab sugar free, wheat free pancake recipe
For four pancakes
2 cups of EITHER rice flour or spelt flour or buckwheat flour (or a blend of all 3)
Two medium eggs
Two cups of EITHER rice milk, soya milk or oat milk
Pinch of bicarbonate of soda

Whisk up the mixture, heat up a frying pan and lightly cover the base with sesame oil when its hot pour in a thin layer of the batter (pour in more if you want thicker pancakes) then loosen the edges as it cooks making sure it does not stick. Flip it over after about two minutes and cook for a further minute
then turn onto a plate with a kitchen towel on to absorb the oil.
Serve sprinkled with
Z sweet and lemon juice
Z sweet and fresh raspberries
Grated very dark chocolate and blueberries
Tahini paste
Thin peanut butter
agavae nectar
any other fruit of your choice

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